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ENCI accredited breeding
Holder affixed “Of the Maltese of Sofysofia”

The Maltese dog, much loved by children and also by adults.
Classified as a companion dog, the Maltese is a very old breed. In fact it has been around since ancient Roman times, noble women kept it for its beauty and intelligence.
In Egypt, figurines depicting the Maltese dog were found in the tomb of Ramesses II.
It is a small dog with a long, soft white coat and a strong,sturdy constitution.

Lively, playful and child-loving, he is one of the best companion dogs.
The name Maltese does not refer to the island of Malta, it was used by Aristotle who referred to the port city of Melita in Sicily, the root of this name Melita, comes from the Semitic “Malat,” meaning “refuge, harbor.” Aristotle used the term Melitensis to refer to these small dogs that lived in the harbors, where they performed the valuable task of mouse hunters; they were also boarded on ships to hunt mice.
They spread throughout the Mediterranean basin, becoming companion dogs and giving rise to all bichon-type dogs.

Appearance: long, snow-white, lustrous coat, pure white or ivory, smooth without ripples or waviness.
Weight and size: in males it ranges from 21 to 25 cm in length. In females 20 to 23 cm. Weight: 3kg to 3.5kg.
The eyes, large lively and alert, the ears triangular, the muzzle slightly pronounced, rounded, the truffle (nose) is small triangular and black.
This beautiful animal is characterized by its long, snow-white coat, proudbearing andelegant appearance.
He is small in size slender with solid bone structure and good musculature.
Character: cheerful, playful, affectionate, lively, intelligent, placid and accommodating, very suitable for children, follows you everywhere, loves company and is very attached to the owner.
It can reach 18 years of age.
It does not shed hair because it does not moult it, theeyes need to be cleaned with wet wipes, and the ears need to have the hair around them removed, which prevents them from being cleaned properly.
No known major health problems, he may seem frail but in fact he is a very strong and easy-going dog.
Our wonderful Maltese dogs are lively and kept with simple grooming.

Our breeding is exclusively Italian. Our puppies are born and cared for in our kennel, in compliance with the ENCI code of ethics. The parents all have deposited DNA and are offspring of national and international champions. They enjoy their mother’s company until they are two and a half months old, which gives them a tranquility and gentleness that stays with them throughout their lives. After this period, they remain at least 15 to 30 days playing, or more, with their littermate siblings, enjoying serenity that will stay with them over time.

They are given up after three months, or four or five months. We are in no hurry, contrary to what common thinking might suggest. Puppies a few months older are very calm, serene and intelligent. They adjust immediately and without stress to the change in the new family. Our trusted veterinarian is constantly following up with us on vaccinations and everything that is needed for animal welfare: microchips, health cards, pedigree certifications, and various checks.