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In Turin, we have been opening a promotional office to serve our dog breeding for three years now. Proudly the first ever of its kind, it is giving us so much satisfaction. We meet people who mainly want to know us personally, to know information about the Maltese breed that we have been breeding with care and love for over 16 years.

And on the strength of our experience, we recommend many people who have never had animals or puppies. It is important to explain that from the tenderness of the puppy, after a year you have an adult dog of small size but with all the needs that come with it, both for individuals and families. It is a choice that needs to be pondered, but it gives so much satisfaction and unconditional love.

For the past year we have been breeding a fabulous breed, the J-chin, little known in Italy but very sweet. We are pleased to introduce them to you. We receive by appointment. We look forward to seeing you.